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Ernest Holm Svendsen

Ernest Holm Svendsen is a bestselling author, trainer, and a Certified Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie. He founded The Art of Being Human in 2001 and has since been facilitating thousands of one-on-one sessions, group processes, workshops, retreats, and training programs. His comprehensive series of podcasts on self-inquiry has over 250,000 downloads, and his book, "How to End the Stories that Screw Up Your Life," is praised as one of the clearest introductions available to the practical aspects and nuances of doing The Work.

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    In a series of brief and to-the-point videos, you go step-by-step through every element of The Work.

  • Practical Exercises

    Work your way through a suite of specific exercises tailored to meet your exact needs at each step of the journey.

  • PDF Guides

    Get access to easy-to-use guides and essential materials to print out and use in your practice.

What people say

Such amazing clarity

by Annette Birkmann

When I came to this course, I had known about The Work for several years. I have good friends who had recommended it and I had read two of Byron Katie's books. I had never managed to turn it into an actual practice though. With this course, everything changed. I now have a weekly practice and I love doing The Work. Thank you for the simplicity and precision of this course!

This course changed my life

Marina Lunetcas

I went to psychoanalysis and psychotherapy for over 4 years. There was some progress, but I've been working on pretty much the same problems over and over and at some point I came to accept that I'm a person who can't just live happily and I'll always be sad about something or the other. I didn't have high expectations for the course and was actually a bit skeptical at first. It ended up being the best thing I ever did for myself. The course changed my life. I could not imagine that there can be something so simple, universal and effective to live a happy life free from fear and negative thoughts. Thank you Ernest ❤

Hands-on, present and warm course

Rosanna Rippel

This course provides a very hands-on framework for those who want to incorporate The Work in their life. Ernest has a great way of communicating very clearly without losing presence and warmth. I appreciated all the examples and the straight forward format. It was both rich and deep without being overwhelming.

Is this course for you?

It is if you are a newbie, a novice, a beginner or an advanced beginner.

  • Newbie: You have heard about The Work and the results others have achieved using the process, and you are curious to understand it for yourself.

  • Novice: You know about The Work, you have read some of Katie’s books or been to a School for The Work, but you have never really managed to make it a practice and you would like to now.

  • Beginner: You know the basics of doing The Work, and the process has never really opened up for you. You struggle to achieve the results you know are possible.

  • Advanced Beginner: You feel confident with the process, but you have a nagging feeling that you are missing something and there is an opportunity for growth.

Get Immediate Access

Through easy-to-follow explanations and step-by-step instructions, Ernest Holm Svendsen reveals his vast experience as a trainer and facilitator as he guides you to an in-depth understanding of the complete process of The Work.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. How to use this course

    3. Before we begin...

    1. Your Map of Reality

    2. How Beliefs Work

    3. The Impact of Our Beliefs

    4. Quiz: Why The Work Works

    1. The Process of Self-Inquiry

    2. The Magic Trick

    3. What is Seen Cannot Be Unseen

    4. Learning From Yourself

    5. Simulating Experience

    6. Change Can Be Immediate

    7. Quiz: How The Work Works

    1. The Work: An Overview of the Process

    2. Exercise: List of Beliefs

    3. The Four Questions

    4. Demonstration: The Four Questions

    5. Exercise: Use the Four Questions

    6. Exercise: Identify the Turnarounds

    7. Demonstration: Turnarounds

    8. Exercise: Do The Turnarounds

    9. Well Done!

    1. How to Find the Correct Turnarounds

    2. Finding Examples of Turnarounds

    3. Quiz: Getting On Top of Turnarounds

    4. The Expanded Facilitation Guide

    5. Going Deeper in Question 3

    1. The Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet

    2. Exercise: Fill in a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet

    3. Guided Session: Fill in a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet

    4. How to Work a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet

    5. Exercise: Work Through a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet

About this course

  • 35 Lessons
  • 20+ Instruction Videos
  • All Materials Included

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long, timewise, does the course take?

    We have worked hard to make this course as short, clear and precise as possible. In theory, you can go through the entire course in one intense day. However, that is not what we suggest. At the optimal pace, you would be going through the course in 3 to 5 days.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You will have lifetime access. Unless, for some reason, in the distant future we decide to take this course off the internet entirely, you will be able to access it - including any extra materials we may add on later.

  • Why does the course not cost anything?

    My mission is to make self inquiry available to everyone, everywhere, all the time. What better way than to offer a free online course? I know that for some, this is hard to understand, but it is as simple as that. No strings attached.

What people say

"I had heard about Byron Katie’s The Work, but never really saw the potential until I did the course with Ernest. Today I have a clear understanding of how to do The Work and benefit from going through the inquiry process. Ernest has a special gift of teaching how to do The Work."

— Tamer El-Masri, Canada

"In his trademark style of clear, concise and fuss-free communication, Ernest structures and facilitates the course very well."

Teresia Björnberg, Switzerland

"It is noticeable that Ernest has a long experience of working with The work. He is educational, he teaches and guides us with warmth and with a big heart."

— Hans Åkersten, Sweden

"Ernest Holm Svendsen's course gave me many insights on practical aspects of The Work and the theory behind it. While I had read "Loving What Is" before taking the course, I now feel equipped to effectively do The Work."

— Greg Thompson, United Kingdom

"I'd recommend this course to anyone who'd like a solid foundation on the fundamentals of Inquiry. I did it as a refresher and also took the opportunity to read Ernest's book between sessions."

— Pedro da Silva, Spain

"This course was a fantastic introduction to how to do The Work! Ernest is passionate, knowledgeable, and skilled at communicating and teaching the subtleties of the art of Inquiry."

— Derek Cummings, Oregon USA

"Ernest is a great facilitator for learning and applying the teachings of Byron Katie's 'Loving What Is'.

His teaching method is relaxed yet professional and he has a deep understanding and systematized method of teaching the necessary information for us to apply it to our own life.

I have read several of Byron Katie's books however Ernest's deep understanding of Katie's teachings helped me apply them in a more effective way than I had achieved on my own.

Without hesitation I recommend this course. Ernest is the perfect man for this job."

— Anton Hooton, Australia

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